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right now, marlborrow pike is cleared after a violent crash that left three dead. an suv and an ambulance collided nearly head on. the districts, the warm embrace between political rivales, fenty and gray, after a victory in the primary. and pope bedict, a controversial visit to britain. news4 midday begins right now. good morning, and welcome to news4 midday, i am barbara harrison. the accident happened in district heights, meagan has
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been on the story all morning. joining us liveith the story. >> reporter: good morning, a 911 call came in about midnight about someone sufferi from an overdose. an ambulance was dispatched from the fire station and responding west down marlboro pike, suv traveling in the opposition cross the center line and struck the blblts all three men in the suv were killed. the side of the ambulance is ripped open. an indication how violent the collison was. paramedics had not yet picked up the patient. >> the right hand side of the ambulance is obliterated. th patient compartment area is removed and exposed to the exterior. it hppened at around midnight. pole say the ambulance left the station with lights and sirens activated as the
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ambulance travelled west on marlboro pike, the suv was barrelling down the wrong side of the road say investigators. >> the driver of the suv ended up crossing over the double yellow line into the path of the ambulance. the ambulance had to make an evassive maneuver, but they ended up side swiping each other. >> equipment thrown 100 feet from the ambulance. the vehicle, the striking vehicle was traveling ann excessive rate of speed to do that much damage to the ambulance. >> the suv struck a brick wall and utility pole and flipped on to its roof. all three men inside were kild. police released two of the men killed, the two passengers, andre wattley, 22, from
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washington, d.c., and tony burney, 35 years old, also of washington. as for the driver, his name is not released. we know he is 30 years old. they are trying to make a positive identification and contact family members before they release that name. in terms of the paramedics involved. the driver of the ambulance was able to swerve, the man brunt of the collision was taken in the rear part, the pient compartment and the cab area, where the paramedics were sitting was not damaged. it was spared. the paramedics were treated and released. they are going to be fine. no word on whether or not alcohol or drugs played a factor in the accident. i should mention that marlboro pike reopened. >> that scene is clear. we are dealing with other trfic problems this morning. jerry edwards with the latest. good morning.
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>> it is still a tough tail end of the rush hour, beginning of the midday, along i-270. had been an accident at route 28, tying up the left half of the roadway. authorities cleared all lanes, which opened the flood gates for traffic down the i-270 spur. don't expect it to be too good to the american lesion bridge, there is construction set up now where the right lane is blocked. it is a virtual parking lot, i am sorry to say. see if the news is better through the northeast. manageable, on kennelworth, and construction in the left la in either direction. new today for the first time since d.c.'s primary election, vincent gray and mayor fenty
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appeared atn event together. they attended a democratic party une breakfast today. how they plan to unify the party. >> what better way to make sure that democratic party is yubted than to sit down to breakfast. it is a sign of things to come for the democratic party. mayor e-lect vincent gray, and adrian fenty hand in hand, as the party plans too in a new direction. it is important among council members, hoping that fenty would win. >> we have a new nominee. voters have spoken it is time to come together, everydy who ran, everybody who cares about washington, and work on the things important to us. >> reporter: some of those include the future direction for d.c. schools and the chancellor,
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michelle rhee. something to consider sooner than later. >> give vincent gray a chance to work something up to the council and they will react. >> i think it would be a great loss to the city to jeopardize the momentum that has been built for change. i mean, there are ways to do this differently. let's make sure that we continue with strong reform effort. >> reporter: delegate norton is continuing her fight for statehood. he is happy with the partner she will have in vincent gray. >> i applaud what new mayor is going to do, when he says he understands that the first job is to unitehe city. i think he is the man to do it. >> reporter: he said he wants the good feelingsere today to
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go beyond these walls. >> not only uniting the party, but the city. we want to reach out to republicans and independents. >> reporter: while he will wait until after the final election on personnel, he is definitely having conversations with key leadership, to make sure it will be a smooth transition. tracy wilkins,news4. >> gray said he plans to have a sit-down conversation with mielle rhee soon. weill have more on her future in the near future. a mixture of sun and clouds, joining us for the fir look at the weather. good morning. >> a few clouds drifting in, hopefully, rain, moving our way. ings are so dry, we need it around our region and perhaps, over the mountains in the next few urs, from the blue ridge,
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east is when we have a chance here. just past 11:00 in the morning, climbing to near 80 in washingt and southern maryland. near theay and the shore. elsewhere, in the mid and upper 70s across much of the region, from prince george's county and montgomery counties, and points west. mid 60s in western maryland. some of the mountainsof northern west virginia. all of this cloudiness coming from an area of rain that is now beginning to move into western pennsylvani as it heads off to the east. along a front through our region here by this afternoon. some afternoon showers in the mountains, increasing clouds elsewhere, 10 to 20 miles an hour, the highs reached the low and mid 80s. look at tonight and tomorrow, a look at the weekend coming up. and the latest with the tropics as well.
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metro board members are discussing a program aimed at preventing susuedeson the tracks. the transit agecy said it would train bus drirs, train operators, and managers to prevent suicide attempts, the program is based on a similar program in canada. and includes information from mental health experts. at least 15 people have killed themselves on metro property since the start of last year. the company that hires access drivers are looking at how they are trained an independent investigation into the hiring and training of drivers, it comes in the the wake of four cplaints and a sexual assault by a driver. the subcontracts, for disabled people, unable to use buses and rail service. it operates a 110 hour training
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ogram for new employees. a clearer picture of the standoff at the discovery channel headquarters, the person describing that in detable, chris wood. he mouthed the word run to a guard while he was being held by gunman james lee, the guard shook his head yes. james lee was shot dead a the hostages were preparing to make a break for it. >> in prince george's county, they are searching for a man who shot a teen-aged boy. flis say the teen was shot by an adult male who he knew. the teen is in serious condition in the hospital this morning. >> four fbi agents, according to the arrest, they never reported
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prescription groh hormone. the agents cannot use their weapons, while the investigation proceeds. time now, 11:11, the pope said the church's top priority is to help abuse victims heel. in britain, where he made those comments. and the seas are getting rough ahead of a hurricane. why a concert promoteer is being blamed for michael jackson's death from his family.
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pope benedict's acknowledged controversy around his he said that the catholic church failed to act quickly involving xual abuse. and queen elizabeth said she hoped that the relationship between the churches would improve. this morning, president obama spoke to the council, the group discussed how to improve
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exports jobs and growth. >> in this year's state of the union address, i set a goal for america. we will double our exports of goods and services over the next five years. the more american companies export, the more they produce. the more they produce accident the more people theyhire. >> this evening, the president will travel to connecticut, and help bloomenit. hal. >> sarah palin is urging party uni unity. she said it is time to put as e aside. she spoke at a gala in oklahoma. she told the crowd that voters had six weeks to turn things around, and reign in the federal government. the. the broken oil well i the
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gulf of mexico may be fixed for good. thad allen said the work on the relief well should be finished tonight. ter that work wil start on the bottom kill. that involves pumping thick mud and cement into the well. cleaning up from the mess it created it likely take much longer. right no hurricane igor is stillar from land it is kicking up waves as it churns in the ocean. the category 4 storm could cause dangerous rip tides to the u.s., and dangous swells to the virgin islands. and a category twenty-four storm doesn't appear to pose threat to land. hricane carlhas pushed across the yucatan peninsula, lashing beach resorts, can kuhn, the storm dumped heavy rain, few
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signs of damage. carlupgraded from a tropical storm to a hurrica in the last few minutes. a t of activity out there in the gulf and in the atlantic. >> nothing threaning the u.s. both hurricanes in the atlantaic will stay out to sea. we could use the rans, and heavy wind, there could be heavy surf in the next couple of days, could be rip tides from hatteras up to new jersey. you are heading to the beach, pay attention to what life guards tell you, they know what the conditions are. >> a live view from the skywatcher that is where the clouds are coming from, out of the mountains, 79 at national airport,he rainfallo far this year is running about six and a quarter inches below average. we have been dry, an inch and a third dryer than average.
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the temperatures are just near 70, blue ridge, east, into the 70s, near 80 in prince george's county, and montgomery, fairfax. cloudiness moving in there. the northern neck and e lower part of the shore, and the atlantic beaches, temperatures around 80. and western virginia, they are saying bring on the rain. it is pched here, the panhandle. here it comes, the zones of rain that are ming out of ohio valley, heading off to the east. it won't be a lot. less than a quarter of an inch for both eas, but at least it is coming our way. >> this is powerful, huge, hurricane igor that churns away. you can see the well formed eye of that.
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meanwhile, in the bay of campeche, heading toward southern mexico, upgraded to a hurricane. the latest trk, still thankfully taking it east of bermuda it will be weakening down to a category 2. heavy surf, and stayi out to sea. now, over the last 12 hours, we have seen this movethe upper midwest, heavy downpours, now moving into new orleans. western pennsylvania, that will pass to the north. this is the zone that will be passing through our region, and giving us much-needed rain. the next 48 hours, the time for a chance for showers in the blue ridge eas high pressure moves in to bring
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in another dry pattern for the weekend. for all the games on is the. and for the skins game on sunday. it looked like good weather. for this thursday, including clouds, and passi showers, moving west to east into the afternoon. after the sunset, may thunder, then, the chances for rain deminnish. afternoon highs, low 80s, on saturday, cloudy in the afternoon, it will be near 60 saturday morning. afternoon highs in the low 80s. great weather for the skins' game. on medicionday, tuesday, wednes it continues mild each day. back with another update, coming up.
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>> checking on the midday traffc. >> very difficult, not here. for a change, barbara, things are moving along well, despite the roadway. 95 southbound, from construction cones but we will take it when we can get it. delays off the i-270 spur, the right lane is bocked i don't think this delay will thin out too soon. >> see you in a while. it is now, 11:21. it is the late on the lawsuit filed by michael jackson's mother for the promoter of the michael jackson concert.
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>> sit down with an author of a new book on the subject. >> and a health challenge on the national mall. here is a look at what is hot on nbcwashington.c. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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capital one bank. ty're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ hornsonking ] hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. wht's in your wallet? ove, go long!
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michael jackson's mother has filed a lawsuit in connection with her late son's death. kathryn jackson is suing the singer's concert promoter. eg had a series of comeback concerts scheduled before his death. they didn't have live-saving equipment or hirehe cardiologist to care for her son.
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his doctor was t named. and i caught up with the hosts before the 5 k walk. >> w need to talk about the obesity crisis in a real and raw fashion. i am hoping that this is a start. >> three, two, one, let's start this thing. let's go! >> reporter: a bipartisan show of support. it is never too lateto get healthy. they wre joined by lawmakers regina benjamin, including nior advisor, valerie jarrett. >> this is the consistent with the first lady's "let's move" initiative. >> i have a vig for a healthy and fit nation. i believe it is important that
11:27 am
people understand ercise is medicine. the white house senior advisory told us she tries to exercise every mornng in washington. it is the peaceful part of her day and clears her mind for the challenges ahead. >> 11:27 is the time. coming up, awoman said she was sexually assaulted boy a man she met on a popular dating website. and a new movie. and who may soon be out of a job because of a change in mayors in d.c. and how much is the project overbblg and why? and the latest on the weather. what is gong to happen in our weather today and tonight. stay with us. we will be right bac duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirthat helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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right now on news4, three people are dead after their suv collided with an ambulance in prince george's county. 7 marlboro park.
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two ambulance workers were taken to the hospital, but are expe expectedo be all right. gray beat out fenty in tuesday's primary for d.c. mayor. the two embraced each other at a democratic party unity breakfast in washington. supporters believe the two will work well to generate positive change for the city. this morning, all eyes in the dtrict are looking forward to the city's next mayor, and wondering if a change in power will bring a change in the school chancellor position. >> reporter: for nearly four years, michelle rhee has been on a war path, with mayor fenty, overhauling a school district viewed as a disgrace. closig 26, laying off 470
11:32 am
teachers she called under performing, and demanding accountability from thoseho remain there. are signs of slow improvement. math proficiency has gone to 43%. reading proficiency increasing, but not good enough, she aid. half of our children above grade level. when i look at how much has to bedone, it is daunting. >> reporter:rey appears in a new movie about the state of ameca schools, "waiting for super man." >> you wake up and know that kids are getting a crappy education right now. >> i think she is smart, she is a bull in a china shop.
11:33 am
she is charging around, not understanding this is politics. >> i make decisions as a mother. when i am thinking about closing down a school, i think, is this a school i would be comfortable having my own child in. >> she is engaged in sacramentoo mayor kevin johnson. the man who will be washington's next mayor. >> we are not going to be turning back any clocks on school reform. we are going to be moving full sped ahead. >> that was tom costello reporting. we spoke to a council staffer, they said the most likely scenario is thatrey will remain on board at least until a replacement is found. tom? >> begging for rain. we have a decent chance of rain coming in later on today.
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right now, the clouds are coming in. a hopeful sign. temperatures around the region are near 70. blue ridge to the bay and the eastern shore, near 80, 79 in washington. where you see the moving color that is rain, coming into pennsylvania and west virginia. advancing to the valley by mid to late afternoon. the blue ridge after that until around midnight, there is a chance of a passing shower. we may get only a quarter of an inch of rain, and thunder as well. a dry pattern for several more days, each day dry, that is the
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way it looks. >> and we have a traffic alert for some of you who travel through downtown washington, starting tomorrow at noon, fourth street, between well, street and massachusetts will become a two-way street. it is currently one-w southbound. there will be no signal. >> two of the projects could end up costs $1.3 more than originally expected. the metro line phase one, $2.75 million. now, according to it airport authority, it looks like phase two will cost as much. those costs can be passed along to those who use the dallas toll
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road. we will check in with jerry edwards on the midday traffic. >> it depends on where you are at this hour. through the district, not too bad. look at kennelworth, the work zone is set up. northbound and southbound. not too much to worry about, as far as delays at thihour. and one more stop. wish we cld say it is smooth sailing, after monrose road, down the spur, that construction is still on the outer loop, route 193 in virginia. not many good alternates. a virginia man is behind
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bars. according to the sheriff a office, john evans met the 37-year-old viim on the dating website. officials say he held her against her will and sexually assaulted her. police are concerned that she is not evans' first victim. >> they don't say anything, that is how they continue to get by with thei crime. they don't come forward. if anyone is familiar with him call. >> the waeb site closed evan's account, and notified all his matches not to communicate with him. >> police in fairfax need your help finding a man who tried to rob a woman ashe sat in her
11:38 am
car in the middle of the afternoon. the woman was stopped at a red light, wh a man two cars back d got out and implied he had a weapon. dimanding money. the light turned green, and the woman drove away. 5'10", short black hair, a m mustache, and a gap between his two front teeth. she was the college student from fairfax county found stabbed to death in her car over the summer. yesterday, fam was found dead in her car a few blocks away off route 50. we must point out, there is no word on connection between the two crimes. the time is 11:39.
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a september rally on wall street continues, where numbers stand right now. and sit dwn with an author of a new
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is alzheimer's disease preventable? large amounts of b vitamins studies suggest could halt the disguise. jean carter, the auth of 100 things can you do to prevent alzheimer's, what e discovered about her research about the disease. >> i say, we are all at ages0 and stikt on the alzheimer's express, we need to g off. >> the generation of baby boomers reaching that age, it is te to start thinking about it. talk about the new research, the vitamin b. can help. what do you say?
11:43 am
>> i think it looks like a fantastic study. scientists have known, if you don't have enough vitamin b., can you develop alzheimer's. it shows how it happens. did you don't get enough, your brain cells die and your brain shrinks, that leads to alzheimer's. a remarkable study. >> are you doing it? >> yes. >> as a matter of fact, i have those doses in my book and advise people to take them, and 20 milligrams of b 6, 800 micrograms of folic acid and the other one, was b 12, that is recommended at 500 micrograms, some take a thousand. i have been doing it for years. >> how is your memory? >> is this a memory test? you want me to tell you all the 100 things in my book?
11:44 am
talk about the three things you talk about beg smart about alcohol, antioxidant-rich foods and apple juice. >> a big surprise to me as was mu of the information apple juice seems to work like the drug, boosts the production in the brain of a neurotransmitter. in the studies, you have to drink a glass or two of apple juice or eat a couple of apples t may keep the gunk out of your brain. >> alcohol, should we avoid it? >> it has good points and bad points, the fact that binge drinng will kill your brain cells, you will be more susceptible to alzheimer's. moderate drinking, one drink a day for women, two for men, will actually help to prevent
11:45 am
alzheimer's disease. >> why? rnths some of the alcohol is an aniinflammatory. i advertise people if they drink, go to red wine it is packed with antioxidants, and studies have shown that actually, the antioxidants can help to prevent the formation of plaques in the brain. unchlt are not a medical doctor, how did you come up with this? >> i have been a medical correspondent for 40 years, i would say. what i did was, i introduced loads of scientists and read thousands of studies, and probably working on thisook for the last ten years or so. what i said was, i have a major gene for zheimer's, my ris is triple what normal people's risk is. i am going to find out what i will do about this. >>bghhat is something we could find out now. many people don't want to know.
11:46 am
if there are things we can do. >> exercise looks good. i love in my book, what i do is tell people why it works. with exercise, whahappens is, when you are exercising, you produce a chemical in your brain and it goes up, up. and when ty take that same chemical, and put it over petree dishes, it acts like miracle grow.ym exercise causes you have to bigger and better brain cells, and in a sense a bigger brain more resistant to alzheimer's. >> what about staying social? >> yes, lots of studies on this, the bigger circle of friends you have, being an extrovert reduces your rick. getting new friends, soshlizing with family, and friends.
11:47 am
it all adds up. that social time that you spend is going to be very good for your brain. >> and the ga that is you can buy now to keep your brain active and exercisin >> they do only if it challenges your brin. if you can do cross word puzzles and get it all rightchallenged . 100 simple things can you do. >> thank you very much for xhb in. breaking news from baltimore right ow. there has been a shooting at john hopkins hospital. nbc news confirmed wth security that it happened in the main hospital. the victim is a doctor, the
11:48 am
gunman is still inside. we will have the latest at 4:00 this afternoon. >> unemployment. and the rest of the day a business headlines. >> the dow is down, not a huge margin. we found ourselves in a similar situation yesterday. wall street posted modest gains, we saw asia fall over japan's news to extend theien against the dollar. hurting exporters there. first time claims for joess benefits, every thursda they co in on a weekly basis. they dropped to 450,000. ina two-month low as economic--
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only's penny. they did raise their forecast for the full year. and a panel overseaing the $750 million tarp, the anger could hamper the government's abilities. it created a significant moral hazard. more legal trouble ahead for ldman sandwiches, a lawsuit filed by three women, the women are seeking ass action status.
11:50 am
i am sure that is not the end of that. >> see you tomorrow. this week's wednesday's child said he hopes to find a loving home. he is working hard school and enjoys cooking. this morning, we mix it up for breakfast with cody. >> hi, cody. >> how are you doing? >> great to see you. i hear you like to cook? >> yes, ma'am. >> we have a treat for you today. you will get to cook with some the most important chefs. >> managers matt owens and anglea reese were waiting, and inside, the executive chef and pastry chef. >> they are a real chef, how can you tell? >> the hat. they invited us back to the kitchen, where they have a
11:51 am
jacket, apron and hat for cody. >> he said he would like to be a chef. >> cody has talked about being a chef. he had a chance to cook wit professionals, cody at 15 is anxious to find an adaptadapt - adoptive home. >> how are you doing in school? >> i used to do badat it, now, i am good at it. >> he started school last week. >> i just got my act together. i dn't like chool. >> have you had to move very often? tell me what it is like? >> it is hurtful.
11:52 am
i don't want to keep moving. when i was little i had to keep moving. most of it was my fault, because i was messingup. i don't want to mess up anywhere. >> he hopes an adoptive family would be proud of him one day. his dream is that this day will lead to his finding a famly to love him. >> if you have room in your home and heart for cody or one of our other where does's children. log on to and we are going right now to baltimore to talk about that shooting at the hospital. we have someone with baltimore city police on with us right now. >> good morning. >> can you tells what
11:53 am
happened? >> we don't have muc information. what we can confirm, a doctor has been shot at the john hopkins hospital. police are in the processof evacuating the believe. >> do you he any idea between the relationship between the gunman and the physician? >> not at this point. >> what are you doing to ensure the safety of the other patients and workers? >> the hospital is being evacuated. baltimore police department, john hopkins police. there is no threat for the public. it is contained. we will have more. >> people bed ritten, having to
11:54 am
move, not -- >> this what we do. we plan for situations like this. this is a renowed medical institution that prepares for intances such as this. once we get something more concrete. >> do you have any numbers? >> i don't know. i have to get to the command post. when we have more information, we will give you a call. >> a shooting at johns hopkins hospital. involving a doctor. the gunman is on the loose inside thehospital. we will bring you re as it comes in to us. how to experience opera. and the latest on the breaking
11:55 am
news, the shooter at
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11:57 am
we are following breaking news in baltimore, a shooting at john hopkins hospital. nbc news confirmed that hospital security is in full alert. the shooting happened in the
11:58 am
in part of the hospital, not the emergency room. the doctor is the victim, still alive. the gunman is still inside the hospital. they are evacuating the hospital right now. it is a restricted area. people cannot enter. we will bring you more on this story when we he a full hour new
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